Friday, June 8, 2012

In the Beginning....

There was a geek wanting to share his deepest thoughts with the world and tired of only talking to his mirror. So he said "May there be a Blog". And a blog was. And then, the geek looked upon the blog and said "This is good"

 What? It's my blog, I can get biblical if I want. Okay, okay, I'll get serious. The truth is, I'm a geek, and like a geek, I have a lot of stuff to say on movies, comics, TV shows, and the like. Forums and website comments are cool, but I wanted to have my own space. And this is what the Collexion is - a collection (get it?) of all my opinions and ramblings on various topics. Here you will find weekly reviews of movies, various lists, or simply a launchpad for a discussion.

 Many blog writers have their first post as a personal introduction to who they are and what they like. I won't do that - my tastes are going to become clear in the coming weeks, and after a month or so of reading me, anyone will have an idea of how my brain works. I find this approach to be more organic.

 I will say one thing though: I am not a native English-speaker. So if ever I say something that is wrong from a language point of view, tell me. Be polite about it, but tell me.

 I love comments, and I invite people to comment on my posts. I'm looking for a discussion space, not a soapbox. I will respond to comments and engage in a discussion. And I promise to not delete anyone's comment as long as you are polite and respectful of me, of other commenters and of any other person that happens to be talked about.

Except Scrappy Doo. You can hate on Scrappy Doo all you want.

 That is it. Good reading!

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